Chamberlain first started his Dj career back in 1998 playing house music at all night after parties. Quickly he gained recognition for his tight on the fly mixing style, bumpin, feel good sets. It wasn't long before local promoters took notice and Injected him into the Victoria club scene. " In 2000 he started performing multiple genres. Turning into an obsessed vinyl collector and ultimately making electronic music his passion. He has had the pleasure opening for the likes of Mark Farina, The Freestylers, Bassnectar, Stanton Warriors, Deekline. Once again taking on a new genre reaffirming his vast vinyl skills he broke out in Victoria's Drum and Bass scene and has opened for acts like Goldie, Krinjah, Drumsound, Bassline Smith and Dieselboy, and has also worked with Top Cat, Demolition Man, and Tenor Fly. In 2008 he partnered up with T Power and founded Geniuskills recordings. And a fully costumed electro based dueling live Pa came out of it. And the notorious Dr. Funkinchunkin was born. He became his alter ego, a weird and twisted scientist of sound design. With Mr Sofalumpkins they headlined the legendary Soundwave, and Connect music festivals. That project made him a faster, and smarter DJ with a better understanding of music theory. He continues to tell a story with each of his performances and you can count on one thing for sure. No matter what genre he's performing it will Rock the dancefloor!